Trends in Reusable Plastic for Restaurants: Sustainability Meets Dining


In the past decade, sustainability has transitioned from a trending buzzword to an integral component of businesses across industries. The restaurant industry is no exception. With an increasing awareness of their environmental footprint, more and more restaurants are embracing sustainable measures—with a notable emphasis on reusable plastics.

Making Strides Towards Sustainability in Restaurants

Prominent players in the food industry have begun implementing innovative initiatives to reduce single-use plastic waste. One such example is Just Salad, a leading US-based fast-casual chain known for its healthy offerings. In a groundbreaking move, Just Salad introduced reusable bowls for customers on pick-up orders or deliveries. This initiative encourages customers to participate actively in contributing towards reducing plastic waste.

A similar approach can be seen with Starbucks, the global coffee giant. It offers beverages in reusable cups, incentivizing customers with discounts when they bring the cup back for refill.

Embracing Change: Stakeholder Acceptance and Impact of Reusable Plastics

These innovative changes have been widely embraced by customers who are increasingly conscious about their ecological impact. Not only do these reusable plastic options align with their environmental values, but they also offer tangible benefits like cost savings and loyalty rewards.

For restaurants too, this shift towards reusability has proven worthwhile. Besides enhancing brand identity and customer loyalty, these initiatives help cut down on operational costs related to disposable packaging.

Sunshine Supply: Promoting Reusability & Recyclability

While not identical to the above use-cases, Sunshine Supply’s approach to sustainability resonates with this broader trend. We provide restaurants with high-quality plastic containers that customers can enjoy for multiple uses and eventual recycling.

All our containers are BPA-free, so you can assure your customers that while they are making an environmentally friendly choice, their health won’t be compromised either. It’s crucial here to underline that while we deeply appreciate and acknowledge the sustainability-focused trends within restaurants like Just Salad or Starbucks, our products have distinct features and capabilities catering to different needs within the restaurant business.

Uses for Reusable Plastic Containers From Restaurants

Reusable plastic restaurant containers come in many forms. Some specialty containers can be made to be sturdier and “permanent,” such as a reusable coffee cup that can be brought back to the restaurant. But the majority of plastic restaurant containers, like the ones we manufacture, are designed to be lightweight. These recyclable containers are used for takeout and delivery food, but are not brought back to the restaurant for refills.

However, your customers can reuse these containers at home, and these lightweight containers have become quite popular due to their multiple uses. Here are several ways you can reuse a plastic restaurant container:

  • Home Organization: You can use the reusable containers to organize small items like buttons, sewing supplies, or crafting materials.
  • Gardening: Reusable restaurant containers can serve as mini greenhouses for starting seeds or as planters for small houseplants.
  • Packing Lunch: You can save money and reduce waste by packing your lunch in these reusable containers.
  • Meal Prepping: BPA-freereusable containers are perfect for storing prepped ingredients or leftovers in the fridge.
  • Freezer Storage: You can use the containers for freezing homemade broths, soups, sauces, and more. Remember to leave some space to account for expansion when liquids freeze!
  • Art Projects: Children can use the restaurant containers as paint trays or to store craft supplies.
  • Travel Containers: Reusable restaurant containers are perfect for storing toiletries or medications when travelling.
  • Giving Away Leftovers/Baked Goods: If you often give away baked goods or send guests home with leftovers, the reusable containers mean you don’t have to worry about getting your dish back.
  • Hardware Storage: The reusable containers are great for sorting screws, bolts, and other small hardware items in your garage.

Our containers are BPA-free and can be used to safely reheat restaurant food in the microwave—but they’re also capable of being used for any of the above purposes!

For Reusable Plastic Containers, Choose Sunshine Supply

At Sunshine Supply, we understand the demanding needs of the restaurant industry. Our reusable plastic containers are designed to enhance your operation’s efficiency while supporting sustainability. Whether it’s for food storage or takeaway meals, our containers offer unparalleled durability and safety. We know that your restaurant’s reputation depends on delivering quality food and service to your customers. That’s why every container we supply is made to withstand rigorous use without compromising on hygiene or aesthetics. Choose Sunshine Supply and let us be a part of your commitment towards creating a greener, more sustainable future for the restaurant industry.

Many businesses are finding different ways to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. At Sunshine Supply, all our products are BPA-free and our containers are created with the intent to be reused and recycled. Visit our website to learn more.